Pre Press Services


We design all direct marketing materials including flyers, posters, newsletters, adverts and magazines. We can provide you with eye-catching designs for both print and web to take your business to a wider audience, and our experienced workforce can revolutionise your attitude towards the communications of your business. Working with the latest technology gives us a crucial edge and, in turn, gives our clients the support and results they demand.


Although we have a studio of graphic designers here at M&PS, we understand that in some cases instructions will be sent for us to follow which require no design skills. We acknowledge this and describe it as ‘artwork services’. We specifically differentiate this service from design for a very good reason, cost. Why should you pay a graphic designer to follow simple instructions when one of our experienced Mac Artworkers could be used at a lower cost to you? This service includes basic layout incorporating the placing of logos, graphics and text.


Repro is often described as the stepping stone between the design to print process. In reality, reprographics is the essential process which enables complex creativity to be reproduced in print.

Top quality reprographic production is the difference between an average piece of print and an outstanding piece, it’s about the ability to take great designs and carefully convert them into superb printed copy time after time.


Due to the speed that jobs are processed these days, we find that most customers are happy with screen PDF proofs. As these have been created through our Esko workflow system, it means that the integrity of the file will not change from proof to plate, giving you confidence in anything we produce. Of course, we also have the option of running hard copy inject proofs or even wet proofs if you prefer.


Every single flexo or letterpress plate supplied by M&PS has been produced with the care that you would expect from one of the country’s leading repro houses.

With our range of investments in technology and personnel, our plates can be produced to the highest quality. We are able to accept all industry standard file formats i.e. QuarkXpress, Illustrator, PDF etc.

Each and every plate is checked at several stages of production for quality and compliance to customer specifications as we take our plate production very seriously and know that our customers expect a quality driven, fast turnaround at an affordable price.

Pre-press services